Forever Loved:
Hospice Foster Program

In the spring of 2015, Secondhand Hounds started to receive multiple requests for elderly, un-adoptable dogs in shelters. Unfortunately, our program is adoption-based, and that is how we guarantee the survival of our program. But, we could not let these senior and terminally-ill dogs live out their final days in a cold, lonely shelter. So, we started the Forever Loved Hospice Program.

This program relies on hospice foster homes to open their hearts to dogs who will not ever leave. They will not be able to find a wonderful adoptive family, they will not watch their foster dog transform into a healthy pet, they will never say “see you later,” but rather “goodbye.” As you can imagine, it takes a very selfless, compassionate, and strong foster to do this. Essentially, they are taking these dogs in as their own, and loving them fiercely until it is their time to pass.

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Say “Yes” When Others Cannot

Hospice fostering isn’t cheap, and Secondhand Hounds covers all of their medical bills. So, we look to donations to help support this program. Each animal gets special food, an orthopedic bed, pain medicine if needed, various other medicine for eye issues, ear issues, dental issues, etc. When the time comes for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we believe in their foster home, surrounded by the people (and animals) they love, is the only way to dignify these sweethearts. Because of MNPets, we are able to have our hospice fosters cross the rainbow bridge with dignity and comfort in their own home.

Below you will find a list of our current hospice animals. We will keep the ones who have passed on our page as well. They are important. They are loved. Thank you for helping us save them.

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Hospice Foster Animals


2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier

Alicia aka Ivy came to us as a fighter fund pup, we were told she was blind from taking a hit in the head with a blunt object. No big deal we thought, we love special needs and blindness isn’t a biggie, they adjust well and someone will fall in love and adopt her so quick. After all she’s adorable!

It took us only a few days to know there was more going on and she saw a series of specialist who determined she had a skull fracture from the blow. It was pretty obvious by the giant scar and skull malformation that stretched from just above her eyes to almost her ear base. Ivy was determined to have brain damage that affected much more than her ability to see. She is blind in her left eye and has poor facial tone so she drops food and water out of her left and it just doesn’t function quite right. She has pretty limited vision in her right but thankfully can still see some. Ivy also has gait issues and drags her left foot and has some other neuro issues like social seizures and impulse control issues. Ivy’s biggest issue is the brain damage caused her esophageal muscles to be damaged because her brain doesn’t tell them to work quite right she developed megaesophagus as a result (basically a very enlarged esophagus that food can struggle to move through and into the stomach). Ivy eats in a bailey chair with a special diet to help the food move down into her stomach but she’s prone to regurgitating which can lead to aspiration pneumonia, thankfully we’ve caught her 2 episodes very early and she recovered quickly however it was evident on x-ray’s she’s had it before, likely in the shelter as she has lung scarring. Oh yea, and she has a grade 3 luxating patella on the left from the abnormal gait. It sounds like a lot right? but yet Ivy lives her best life! She demands snuggles whenever possible and I’ve become accustomed to carrying her 40lb butt just about everywhere, from day 1 all Ivy wanted was to be held and snuggled and loved. She’s been a trooper with all of her medical needs and is pretty cooperative most days! She has some bad days but most are good and we make the best of the good days! She loves to go outside and she adores fuzzy blankets and her sweaters! Tug is her favorite game ever and she will happily grab whatever to try entice a tug game with pir residents, sometimes it’s a toy hit usually it’s a pillow or blanket or sock! Her brain damage makes her body temp a little wonky so she loves to be dressed up, and we have fun with it!

We went into this journey thinking we were fostering a healthy but blind puppy and we got so much more, so much more medically and loving. This journey has been unexpected but also so amazing and we absolutely adore Alicia, aka Ivy and I wouldn’t change it for the world. She was meant to be with us and we are honored to give her the best life possible.


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3 year old Yorkshire Terrier

When My daughter and I picked up Benson back in November 2018, he had a horrible cough from the get go. We took him to different vets to see what was exactly wrong and tried many different medications. Until we went to the U of M, he’s been there more than a few times with emergency because his breathing also seemed labored at this time. We finally figured out a medication that worked and what this little guy had: pneumonia caused by E. coli in his lungs. He also has a lower airways disease in which, his lungs don’t function normally. His bronchial has little spiral things that in a normal lung help push out the bad stuff, but with Benson his don’t work so well. The good thing is that we found medication that works and there is no more E Coli in his lungs. The bad thing is because his lungs are compromised, his body will eventually become immune to the medication. Benson has been a complete sweetheart and joy to our family. He gets a nebulizer 2-3x a day and albuterol 2x or as needed during the day. We watch his breathing closely every day and keep him away from anything that could jolt his immune system. Benson plays with our dog and loves to sleep with our daughter. He loves to play fetch and seems to have some stuffed animal in his mouth, or snuggled up to one or fetching it! We love him so much.


6 year old American Pit Bull Terrier

A lot of Blueberry’s future is uncertain and most of his past is a mystery. What we do know is this boy (6 years young) has been through quite a bit of life and has some fighting yet to do. Picked up as a stray in Kentucky, he’s already had multiple mast cell tumors removed and is monitored constantly for new growths and potential signs of the cancer spreading to his organs. Blue loves everyone he meets. Dogs, cats, people. He’s polite, gentle, sweet and his tail is constantly wagging. He’s always up for a walk, but totally satisfied chilling on the couch too. He’s also a regular (and popular) visitor at his foster mom’s office enjoying every bit of attention and adventure. Outside of the scars, you’d never know he’s dealing with a medical mess or that humans were not nice to him in his previous life.

Whether he’s a permanent hospice member or he is eventually cleared for adoption, the rest of his weeks, months or years will be full of yummy treats and comfy beds. Welcome to the good life, Blueberry.  Thank you all for your donations and support of Secondhand Hounds.


6 year old American Pit Bull Terrier

Bruno is wiggle butt boy that lives each day loving his forever family.


11 year old Yorkshire Terrier

Celeste (Cici as we call her) is a great little lady. If I had to sum her up on one word it truly would be LAZY. She is the epitome of a senior dog who just wants to sleep for every minute of her life. But really, can you blame her? She has spent the last 10 years, yes TEN years, in a puppy mill being a mama day in and day out. If I was her, all I’d wanna do is sleep too! Cici is part of the hospice program due to mammary cancer and Protein Losing Nephropathy (PLN). She is on twice daily medication to help manage her pain as well as the symptoms associated with the PLN. While we can’t cure her cancer at this stage, we can show her all the love in the world to show she deserves living out her golden days.

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10 year old French Bulldog

Chloe arrived at Secondhand Hounds in early 2019 as an owner surrender. She has neurological issues with her back legs, as well as a chronic UTI. Even after three surgeries and several hours of physical therapy (she was a real trooper on the water treadmill!) Chloe still has limited use of her rear legs. That doesn’t stop her from playing with her favorite fur sibling, Mugs, and going up north to grandma’s house in the country and exploring every inch of the property. She can really scoot when she wants to – like when she spies a rabbit in the yard or hears the treat jar open.

Chloe adore meeting new people, scratches behind her bat-ears, and snoring as loud as she can while momma is on conference calls. You have never heard a dog who snores this loud! Despite her health issues, she’s the sweetest, most positive little girl. Everyone who meets her loves her! She’s a huge fan of belly rubs so sometimes she rolls around on her back and snorts until momma notices and gives her some love. Chloe is so special she even modeled sweaters for a local clothing designer. But no autographs, please; she’s a busy Frenchie.

Due to her neurological issues she experiences incontinence, so on Chloe’s Amazon wish list are pee pads, diapers and wipes. Chloe sends you a huge, snorty “thank you” for your love and generosity!

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6 year old Great Dane

Eli is a sweet gentle giant that loves nothing more than to lay in the sun and have her belly rubbed. For many reasons medically, she has become hospice. That won’t stop her from loving life with her forever foster family. We have learned she is slightly picky on what she actually likes to eat, so far favorites are smoked dog treats, canned dog food, and bones. She is also a big fan of camping as long as she has a nice fluffy bed to lay in. I think it goes back to laying in the sun and all sorts of attention from people.

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8 year old American Pit Bull Terrier

Foxy aka Daisy is spunky and happy, loving her life with her forever family.

Frankie Rose

8 month old Miniature Goldendoodle

Frankie Rose is living every day loving her forever family!


4 month old Domestic Short Hair

Garfield came to SecondHand Hounds in June 2020 with his two sisters when he was only 10 weeks old. His journey started out a bit different than most kittens, he came in with what we all thought was an upper respiratory virus. So he had the typical treatment and some antibiotics to help him get better. But after 4 weeks, a second round of antibiotics and a few trips to the vet to get some Sub-q fluids the SHH team decided that they needed to run a few more tests to rule out anything more serious. After his first round of blood tests came back with his liver enzymes being on the high end of normal range, the team decided to run a second test that specifically targeted his liver function. This test came back as they had suspected, that he has Portosystemic Shunt or PSS.

Due to his liver issue, Garfield doesn’t get the nutrition that he needs from his food, and his liver isn’t able to filter out the enzymes that are the byproduct of digestion. This leads to a build up of these digestive enzymes in his system. It causes him to be unsteady on his feet at times, have moments of fogginess and weakness, and to drool excessively. It is also slowing his growth, he will always be a teeny tiny kitten.

Garfield is the tiniest of kittens living large in his foster home, he has started to get used to the two resident cats and has started to wrap them around his tiny little paw. He has bursts of energy, but over all his play is much more relaxed and in short spurts. His favorite things are heated blankets – even on the hottest of summer days, and seeking the best sun spots. His favorite toy is whatever another cat is playing with, and they all seem to give him what he wants. He gets spoiled by everyone in our house!

We plan to love Garfield, snuggle and play with him for as long as he is able. In return for all your donations and support he sends you his thanks as his signature head butt & nose nudge all with a little bit of slobber included!

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18 year old Shepherd

Gertie is a 13-16 year old German Shepherd who traveled to MN in November of 2017 from AR where she was picked up as a stray. When she first arrived to rescue, she was in rough shape and no one knew how long she would be around. She joined the hospice program largely due to age. She is also completely blind with severe glaucoma, and has some other general, old-age ailments. Almost a year and a half later, here she is still kickin! She was recently spayed after developing pyometra, and pulled through that like the champion she is. She takes great joy in destroying squeaky toys – the plush ones are her favorite. She picks out all the stuffing and literally spits it to the side until she is laying in a pile of her own destruction. She gets excited to go for short, slow walks, and absolutely loves to be pet and have her ears rubbed. She is honestly the most easy-going dog, and nothing really phases her. She has our whole hearts.

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11 year old Yorkshire Terrier

Granny is loving getting a lot of attention and belly rubs. She has become more confident and active even with her limited vision with her Forever Family. We love how she has found her perfect spot in the pack and forever loved.


4 year old Labrador Retriever mix

Grant came in rescue with health issues, assumed from living as a stray but hopes of a foster home, good food and care would resolve them. Sadly it was discovered Grant was born with a congenital liver issue, Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia, a congenital liver abnormality that affects the blood flow in his liver and digestion. There is no cure. He was given anywhere from 6 months to 6 years to live. Secondhand Hounds chose to have him join the program and be with his forever foster so that he could stay in a home where he was loved, for however long that may be. From his foster: But despite all of his medical issues, you couldn’t ask for a better sidekick. Grant aka Archie is excitable, happy, and never hesitates to let you know that he needs pets. He loves when I cook him an egg, and he enjoys chasing rabbits around the backyard. We also just started puppy school a few weeks ago. I hadn’t intended to enter the Forever Loved program, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Arch has been such a joy, and it’s been amazing to see him transform from the emaciated, scared dog covered in sores to the happy pup he’s become.  He is a very happy loved boy, living every day forever loved.


11 year old Maltese Yorkie mix

Haylie is a gentle soul who likes to relax.  She loves soft dog beds and soft blankets. On nice days outside, she likes to sniff and explore my fenced yard. She also loves to be loved on and sit in my lap. Haylie loves canned food and soft treats. Having canned food on hand is very helpful as Haylie takes medication every day. Haylie loves to be talked to and seeing her tail wag just melts your heart.

Mini Cooper

3 year old Hound mix

Cooper is a young Hound boy rescued as a stray in Virginia.  Cooper has a condition called Short Spine Syndrome, which only about 30 dogs worldwide are known to be living with.  Currently, Cooper is a happy, healthy boy who lives with his forever-foster family. Since so little is known about his condition his future is not certain, and in order to provide him with the security he deserves Secondhand Hounds is continuing to provide him with the best possible care, while his foster family is providing him all of the love he deserves for as long as we are blessed to have him!  His adventures are being chronicled on his very own Facebook page Cooper – Short on Spine, Big on Love.

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6 month old Domestic Short Hair

Muskateer is a playful kitten. He unfortunately has a heart condition that placed him in Hospice. He is a snuggle bug with people and his cat brothers. He currently lives a normal kitten life style, just with a tad more rest between “kitten bursts”. He loves warm bean bags, wet cat food snacks, and especially loves when Foster dad sneaks him salmon. His meds twice a day don’t bother him at all. He is enjoying every day he has left to it’s fullest!


12 year old Domestic Long Hair

Nettie is a sweet, beautiful calico cat. She has hyperthyroidism, which in turn has caused heart and kidney diseases, as well as anemia. She has been on a variety of meds, which has left her quite adept at spitting pills out, whether it be immediately or by sneakily holding them in her cheek to casually spit out as she saunters away. It’s all about perseverance in getting them in her every day! She requires SubQ fluids every other day, a special diet, as well as regular blood work and injections for her anemia. Despite all this, she is an affectionate, happy kitty who purrs readily and quickly wins the hearts of everyone who meets her. Well, almost everyone! She is still working on winning over her feline foster sister, but her bunny foster siblings accepted her right away (even though Nettie wasn’t quite sure what to make of them at first).

While Nettie may sleep a bit more than the average healthy cat, she still enjoys some of the usual cat activities.  She loves exploring, having her head scratched, and drinking from the bathroom faucet. Nettie can be talkative and is rather outgoing, never shy about meeting new people of all ages. She still keeps herself very clean, but very much enjoys having her long fur combed every day. When I sleep in Nettie’s room, she often lays on my chest, or above my head on the pillow… purring happily to show she loves me as much as I love her.

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18 year old Toy Poodle

Oreo is a sweet, spunky, 8.6 lb older gentleman. He doesn’t have teeth or a lower jaw, has a full cataract in one eye and partial in the other, and doesn’t hear well. He loves laying on towels (after he digs around and makes them just right). He’ll pull me around the block for his daily “run”.

It took two weeks to come out of his shell but now he has really showed his personality. He’s quite funny. At night, before bed, he thinks it’s fun to start playing with his toys and tearing around the living room.


13 year old Beagle

Pasek recently arrived at SHH, we will update when we know more about him!


14 year old American Pit Bull Terrier

This is Mr. Peanut and his story! Peanut was found as a stray in Grand Rapids Mn and brought to a shelter in Hibbing, knowing he was a senior and in bad shape they contacted shh for help. Peanut came to live with me and it was quickly discovered his issues were due to neglect. He came in with Erlichia a bacterial infection(treated), ear infections(treated), untreated chronic dry eye(now managed). He’s had 3 surgeries which included repairing 3 hernias, neuter and a dental repair(ground down from chewing on a kennel to get out). He has since been diagnosed with skin allergies which were still trying to find the best treatment for him. He has a “cauliflower” ear due to a past untreated ear infection that went to into the tissue of the ear flap, nothing can be done but it causes him no discomfort. He does have some arthritis and he will always be  on the skinny side as he cannot seem to gain weight or rebuild muscle mass. Since picking Peanut up on Sept 4,2018 he has been all tail wags and love, he is the epitome of resilience, strength and forgiveness. He is the most calm, gentle and loving soul, who loves to be with his people, walking around the yard with his nose to the ground and of course meal/treat times. He loves all and sees everyone as a friend, humans, dogs,cats and whether you’ve been gone 5 mins or 5 hrs he’s always there to welcome you home. He is a real survivor an all around special guy and I’m lucky to be his furever family and his furever home!

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7 year old German Shepherd

Phonthip NKA Tippy has a number of health issues, bone cancer in her leg, bone abnormalities, arthritis, heart disease, heartworm positive..but despite all these issues she is all sugar. She is well mannered and is as sweet as can be. She sleeps a lot, but enjoys sitting outside watching the squirrels and traffic and eating freshly fallen snow. I haven’t found her to like toys yet, but she enjoys her bone. She likes to eat and she needs to add weight so that is good. She loves tummy rubs.


3 year old Great Pyrenees mix

Spencer is a 3 year old great pyrenees/golden mix and a huge love bug!

Yesterday at the vet we noticed some abnormalities in his joints and she ordered some x rays. Unfortunately the results are that Spencer has extensive osteoarthritis along with hip dysplasia. Spencer is a big dog which means his joints have extra stress on them so this will likely progressively get worse as time goes on. Eventually it will render him lame and his pain will be unable to be controlled by meds. With all this information SHH has decided not to adopt out Spencer and instead to put him on hospice care until his pain becomes unmanageable.

This is devastating news to us as fosters and we have no clue what we are doing but we have decided to keep Spencer with us and take on his comfort care until his time comes. Luckily Spencer is his normal loveable, goofy, and sweet self still and hopefully will stay that way for awhile. Please send warm fuzzy vibes his way and keep your paws crossed for us as we embark on a sad journey together.

Tina Turner

2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix

World, meet Tina Turner! We could not have chosen a better namesake for this spunky, sassy, bossy, and amazingly sweet lady. We think she is about 2 years old, and you’d never guess her to be a hospice pup when you meet her. She is happy as can be, loves to go for walks, and will run for the hills at every opportunity she gets. Unfortunately, she has a heart condition that cannot be treated, and she has a knee condition that will eventually cause quite a bit of pain. Due to the heart condition, she cannot be safely operated on so her knees cannot be fixed. We don’t know if the combination of her heart and knee conditions will lead to a long life regardless; or, if she could pass away suddenly from sudden cardiac arrest. What we do know, is that our goal is to give her the best life possible, for as long possible.

Valentina aka Bella

6 year old Golden Retriever mix

Hi, My name is Valentina, but my momma calls me Bella!! It is the name my previous foster momma used, so I know Bella & Bellaboo the bestist!! I was asked to write a biography thingy about myself, but I don’t know what a “biography” is, so momma, Joyce, explained that you just want to know stuffs about me!!

First, I have these bad ouchie thingies called arthritis and IVDD… so my neck and back get real ouchie sometimes and it makes me whine, cry and yelp!! The pain is mostly when I stand up after laying down, so my momma talks real soft to me, and tells me what a brave girl I am until I work the pain out. Once I’m up and moving around I LOVE going for long walks… right now we walk about a mile a day. As soon as I see my leash I get a wiggle butt that makes it hard for momma to connect the leash to my harness… bol (barking out loud)

I have really nice heating pads to rest on, toys to tear the stuffing out of, balls to chase, and lots of peanut butter to eat out of my Kong!! Oh, and I have my own special Chiropractor, Dr Sarah. I have HER wrapped around by paw!! I have special medications for my pain that my momma gives me. She thinks she’s hiding it when she puts it in a hotdog piece or treat, but I know it’s there, and that it is to help me live a comfortable life. I have lots of special people in my life that are there to help me live my best life. The SHH Hospice Foster Team makes sure I get everything I need, and even some of the things I just want!! Thank you to my previous fosters, especially momma Mary. And thank you SHH for picking momma Joyce to be my Hospice Foster I already love her to the moon!!

Licks & Wiggles to Everyone!

Love, Valentina aka Bella

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12 year old Pug

Wilber is an elderly gentleman (we are guessing 12) that came into Second Hand Hounds after being found as a stray in Kentucky. We aren’t exactly sure of his background, but he seems to have been neglected. After arriving at Second Hand Hounds, Wilber had to have all of his 35 remaining teeth extracted. But in true Pug fashion… that does not stop him from eating! He also came to us with raging ear infections and some skin issues. Wilber has 2 luxating patella as well as some other old man aches and pains. We aren’t sure if it’s due to the pain or previous trauma, but Wilber can get grumpy and nip and bite (with no teeth!). Sometimes it seems unexpected, other times it’s because he absolutely does not like anyone messing with him or picking him up if it isn’t his idea! He also seems to maybe have a little bit of dementia so we are trying some different prescription food and meds to help with that. He is on 2 different meds twice a day to help with his mobility and to manage his pain. Wilber does okay with pottying outside on a schedule, but still has some accidents so wears a belly band all the time.

Despite his old man crotchetiness, Wilber definitely seeks love and affection. He can’t do the stairs by himself and cries like a baby when foster mama goes downstairs or outside. The most heartwarming thing is when he cozies up, buries his crusty little nose and sneezes in your face. His way of asking for pets! And he LOVES to eat! The fastest he moves is when it’s meal time! His favorite past times are snoozing next to his foster Mama, sniffing outside and eating.

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3 year old Lab / Pitty mix

We signed up to foster Wonder on October 1st 2019. Our previous foster was headed to her forever home the day before he was scheduled to arrive and we couldn’t wait to welcome another. Wonder has been a dream from the moment I brought him home. Our resident SHH alum and the kids were and continue to be thrilled. He is just so sweet and a gentle giant (who sometimes doesn’t realize how big he is.) He jumped right in with our crew- zooming in the yard with Thor, snuggling with the kids, and their bath time quickly became a favorite. About a month into his being with us he lost his sight. I’m talking and walked straight into the wall and couldn’t see. He was whining and squinting and obviously uncomfortable. Dr. Schulte got his bloodwork results back and we learned that his rare auto-immune disease can lead to blindness. He was put on prednisone (a drug that has saved MY life twice) and we patiently waited. He got his sight back (mostly) and his skin improved. Yay! He has become more cautious but his affection never was dampened. After eight months with us we still don’t know his lowest effective meds and have had a few flair ups here and there. With those have come increased anxiety and we joke that I am his emotional support human as he is rarely very far from me. He is so loving and so very loved. We are honored to continue to care for him and keep him in our home where he is comfortable and has his doggie guide and is truly a part of our family. We love our Wonderbear!!

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Those Who Have Crossed Over The Bridge…
We Love You


12 year old Boston Terrier


8 year old German Shepherd


15 year old Wire-haired Pointing Griffon


12 year old German Shepherd


6 month old Terrier Chihuahua mix


12+ year old Rat Terrier


12 year old Dachshund


13 year old Chihuahua


11 year old English Bulldog


14 year old Chihuahua


17 year old Golden Retriever

Bee Bee

10 year old French Bulldog


14 year old German Shepherd

Bella Boo

12 year old Shih Tzu


10 year old Pug


13 year old Min Pin mix


14 year old Pit Bull

Charlie Cheeseface

14 year old Poodle


17 year old Miniature Poodle


6 year old Pointer mix


9 year old American Bulldog


13 year old Chihuahua


9 year old American Bulldog


12 year old Lab Retriever mix


14 year old Shepherd mix


7 year old Min Pin mix


4 year old Miniature Poodle


8 year old French Bulldog


4 month old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel


1 year old Shepherd Mix


8 year old Terrier


17 year old Min Pin mix


12 year old English Bulldog


8 year old Great Dane


7 year old Bulldog Boxer mix


13 year old Miniature Poodle


14 year old Poodle/Bichon mix


7 year old Toy Poodle


10 year old Yorkshire Terrier


4 year old Shetland Sheepdog


15 year old Shih Tzu


10 year old Australian Shepherd mix


10 year old Beagle/Pug mix


15 year old Chihuahua


7 year old Husky Shepherd mix


16 year old Chihuahua

Jenny B

12 year old Boston Terrier


7 year old Redbone Coonhound

Le Peanut

12 year old Chihuahua


13 year old Border Collie


11 year old German Shepherd


2 year old Great Pyrenees


14 year old Pug Beagle mix


11 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi


11 year old Miniature Schnauzer


8 year old Brussels Griffon


8 year old American Pit Bull Terrier


10 year old Pit Bull Terrier


10 year old Miniature Pinscher


16 year old Pomeranian


12+ year old Labrador Retriever


10.5 year old Beagle


18 year old Dachshund


9 year old Newfoundland


12.5 year old Chow Chow


15 year old Shepherd


11.5 year old Chihuahua


7.5 year old Australian Shepherd


12.5 year old Westie

Rocky (Beau)

8 year old Labrador Retriever


2 year old Newfoundland Dog


1 year old French Bulldog


15 year old Dachshund


11 year old American Pit Bull Terrier


7.5 year old Chihuahua


18 year old Dachshund


9 year old Labrador Retriever

Sinatra (Bear)

11 year old Golden Retriever


14 year old Chihuahua


18 year old cat


14 year old Miniature Poodle


8 year old Terrier


11 year old Labrador Retriever


17 year old Persian


9.5 year old Spaniel mix


10 year old Toy Poodle

Sugar Bear

11 year old Himalayan cat


12 year old Husky mix


9 year old Jack Russell Terrier


13 year old Yorkie


7 year old Chihuahua


15 year old Shih Tzu

William (Rocky)

10 year old German Shepherd mix


9 year old Labrador Retriever


14 year old Terrier Mix

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