Inspiring Change In Our Community

Community Outreach Program


At Secondhand Hounds, we truly believe in the power of paying it forward. We have been fortunate enough to have the best volunteers, fosters, donors, and supporters, which has allowed us to grow quickly and effectively.


Because of this, we have increased our outreach efforts. Currently, we are concentrating these efforts on White Earth Reservation and Mille Lacs Reservation, where we fully sponsor 3-4 clinics per year. Secondhand Hounds offers low cost spays and neuters to over 100 animals per year, as well as wellness appointments (including life-saving vaccines) to over 500 animals per year. We are so grateful to our community who allows us to make a difference in under-served communities, one pet at a time!


We are always in need of committed volunteers to come up and assist with these clinics! We need people who can commit 2-4 days at a time assisting with everything from clinic organization, animal clean up, chatting with owners, and helping our veterinary partners! If you are interested in learning more, please email Carrie at


We are also in search of veterinary partners to help extend our efforts! Right now, the second biggest road block for us to host more clinics is veterinary staffing. If you are a vet, a CVT, or a clinic who is interested in becoming more involved, please fill out this short form!  We are willing to work with you and/or your clinic in order to serve more animals.


The main road block we face is funding! Although we currently spend $25,000 on these clinics each year, we are consistently asked to add more clinic locations. It is so incredibly hard to say no when there is such a huge need. If you are an individual or company looking to maximize your donations impact in the fight to reduce overpopulation and euthanasia, this is the perfect way to do so! Please email Rachel at to talk more about sponsorship opportunities.


Additionally, you can make a donation to the outreach program via the Donate button below. Donate to the Outreach Program

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