Puppy Parties

We believe that any animal lover, from 1 to 100, should be able to be surrounded by puppies! Secondhand Hounds will bring a litter of at least 3 puppies to your business, office or corporate event for 90 minutes of puppy play. 

Thank you for your support in providing puppy socialization, spreading the word about animal rescue and helping us raise money for our program!

**Please note we are currently booked with parties through the end of 2019! We are ONLY accepting requests for parties after January 1st, 2020. Also, we are a Minnesota based organization and do not accept requests out of state**

Puppy Party Guidelines

  • Parties must take place in a dog-free location within 30 miles of our Minnetonka (5959 Baker Road) office; however further distances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Public parks are NOT permitted for risk of disease for young puppies.
  • Parties must be booked at least 6-8 weeks in advance.
  • Puppy party duration is 90 minutes and includes a minimum of 3 puppies. Puppies are generally around 8 weeks of age & not fully vaccinated so we need to limit their activity and exposure levels.
  • For personal parties, all attendees must be at least 10 years of age. Children under the age of 10 will not be permitted to hold the puppies and must be seated to interact.
  • Puppies may include dogs up to one year of age and may not be adoptable (i.e. pending adoption, no longer accepting applications, etc.)
  • All parties are subject to approval based on the health and safety needs of the puppies, including but not limited to the party environment and age of guests.
  • Outdoor parties must be between 50-85 degrees depending on the age and breed of puppies. In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule!
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Puppy Party FAQs

  • What is a puppy party?
  • What is in it for the puppies?
  • What all comes along to the puppy party? Who brings the puppies?
  • How do you manage play time with the pups at large parties?
  • How long is the puppy party?
  • Where does the puppy party take place?
  • What if someone meets a puppy and wants to adopt that day?
  •  How much does a puppy party cost?
  • Do you have any kind of contract or agreement to secure the day? 
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