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Ram D190667

Corgi / Beagle / Mixed (short coat) / Male / Adult

Details about Ram D190667

  • ID D190667
  • Adopted for Adoption
  • Dog
  • Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White)
  • Coatlength: Short
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Adults: All
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

More about Ram D190667

  • Energy Level: Moderate
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Name: Ram
Age: 18 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Corgi / Beagle
Weight: 21 lbs
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: TBD
Kid friendly: TBD
House Trained: TBD
Crate Trained: TBD
Energy level: Moderate
History: From a shelter in Kentucky
Adoption Fee: $400


From the Foster:

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Hi!   I am Ram…my foster mom thinks it might be short for Rambunctious, as I’m a pretty peppy pup!   The thing I love most in all the world is SNUGGLING!   My foster mom says I am a world class snuggler!   I love to get pets from everyone I meet.   Whenever my foster mom sits down or lays down, I jump up to get as much cuddling as possible.   I can be a little pushy about it sometimes.   But I know when she is tired and needs her sleep and I curl up nicely at her feet and sleep through the night.   And she says I’m so soft & silky she likes cuddling with me as long as I don’t try to cuddle by sitting on her face!


Not quite as much as cuddling, but I also really like sniffing all the good smells out in the backyard…my foster mom says that’s the beagle part of me.   When I’m outside, no curling up or surveying my kingdom…nope, I have to do a patrol of the whole yard to make sure I’ve found all the interesting things to sniff each and every time.   Sometimes my foster mom puts this thing called a leash on me and takes me out to see more of the neighborhood…I like getting to sniff even more smells.   She says I’m pretty good on the leash, but I can get a little carried away if she is too slow and the scent trail is really interesting!


I also really like food!   Foster mom says I don’t seem to have had a lot of training, but she bets I’d lean quickly if smelly treats are involved.   I am particularly fond of people food, but my foster mom isn’t very good about sharing that with me!


I know to do my business outdoors when my foster mom lets me and my foster brothers out.   I’m still working on how to tell my foster mom that I want out, but so far she has been letting me out often enough that it isn’t a problem.


My foster mom put me in this thing called a crate a couple times.   I fussed a little when I went in, but I settled down fairly quickly the first time she tried it.   The next time, when she left for work, I got tired of hanging out in there and managed to wiggle me way out…it was much nicer hanging out with the run of the house.   Since then she hasn’t tried to make me go in it again!   (Foster mom note:   he has not gotten into anything at all that he shouldn’t so the crate seems unnecessary.)


I do live with two foster brothers who are a bit older and not so rambunctious.   I mostly ignore them.   Foster mom says I should mention I can sometimes get a little jealous if they are getting attention or treats and I’m not.   She’s calls it something like ‘a little bit of resource guarding’.   Hey, a guy needs to get his treats and his snuggles!


So if you’d love a soft and snuggly puppy to cuddle with, come meet me…and give me some pets!