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Sokrates *Deaf* D181971: PENDING ADOPTION

American Eskimo Dog / Mixed (medium coat) / Male / Senior

Details about Sokrates *Deaf* D181971: PENDING ADOPTION

  • ID D181971
  • Available for Adoption
  • Dog
  • Fawn
  • Coatlength: Medium
  • Activity Level: Low
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Cats: Yes
  • Good with Adults: All
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

More about Sokrates *Deaf* D181971: PENDING ADOPTION

  • Energy Level: Low
  • Yard Required: Yes
  • Fence: Any Type
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Name: Sokrates
Age: 10 years
Gender: Male
Breed:  American Eskimo mix
Weight: 26 lbs
Dog friendly: Yes, does best with calm, older canine friends
Cat friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Older considerate children only
House Trained: In progress
Crate Trained: No
Energy level: Low
History: Owner surrender
Adoption Fee: $250


From the Foster:

Any other important info/bio: Sokrates is an old man dog who has had a rough life up until now. Since coming to SHH and to our home he has decided to make up for lost time. He is a funny, quirky dude who just wants all the naps and snuggles he can get. He mostly just wants to spend his remaining years watching dog TV and snoozing on the couch. He LOVES to go out into our fenced yard multiple times a day and roll around and rub all over the snow. He trots around and sniffs the ground and air happily. He has been known to engage our resident dog *almost* in play - a bit of chasing and a few play bows - but he mostly just trots around independently. He gets along generally fine with our resident dog and two foster puppies. The ONLY time he barks or growls at anyone is if he is on the couch first and they try to get in his space. If they don't listen, he can get quite grouchy about it. We are working on getting him to share, but he's not sure he likes that plan. Because of this, I would be wary of him around young children. If the pups are up on the couch first, he will jump up alongside and happily join them without any fuss! He ignores our cat.

Sounds awesome, right!?! Well, he's got some downsides. First, he seems to be deaf. According to the vet, it is likely a result of years of untreated ear infections. We were hoping he'd get some hearing back after we cleared up the ear infections, but it hasn't improved. Because of this, for his own safety, he will need a fenced yard. Next, he had several teeth removed and has lost others over the years so he only has 7 teeth left. He doesn't mind at all! He's been on watered down food for a few weeks but will likely get back to regular food in no time. He also had some growths and masses that have been removed. I am happy to discuss these in more detail with any potential adopters!

In addition to his health issues, he has some quirky behaviors. First, he freezes on a leash. We cannot get him to walk on it all - not when we pull or tug, not with treats, nothing. It's fine, we just pick him when we need to take him somewhere. He doesn't mind at all, but it's another reason he needs a fenced yard.  He also is learning which things are ok to sit on (couches, chairs, dog beds, the floor) and which things dogs should not perch on (tables, radiator covers, pianos, etc.). He's a great jumper and loves to climb up and explore new, high places. More than once we've found him napping on our table. He's learning, though and it has become less frequent. Finally, the big one: housebreaking. He's kind of confused. Usually he's great - no accidents, scratches at the door to go out, etc. However, he does randomly just get up and urinate in the house. It happens a few times a week and we haven't been able to detect any patterns. We are working on it, but just be aware it does happen. He's not perfectly housebroken. He has been crated, but he doesn't like it at all (barks and whines) and honestly, he doesn't need it. He doesn't chew or wreck things.

He sounds needy, but actually it's all stuff that has been treated and taken care of, other than his deafness and quirkiness. He's really so sweet and awesome and just wants all the pets and snuggles in his golden years. If you have room in your heart and your couch for a charming old man, fill out an app for Sokrates!