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Georgia Beans *Special Needs* D170282

English Bulldog (short coat) / Female / Baby

Details about Georgia Beans *Special Needs* D170282

  • ID D170282
  • Adopted for Adoption
  • Dog
  • White with Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
  • Coatlength: Short
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Adults: All
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

More about Georgia Beans *Special Needs* D170282

Name: Georgia Beans
Age: DOB 11/29/16
Gender: Female
Breed: English Bulldog
Weight: 19 pounds
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
House trained: No, will wear diapers forever
Crate trained: No, she is gated in a laundry room when confined
Energy level: Low
History: Breeder released for vet care
Adoption Fee: $500

From the Foster:


Beans is the most incredible dog I have ever met. I don't say it lightly, and even though I won't say she has 'been through' a lot in her little life, as everything she is is all she has ever known, but perhaps her nature has set her above and apart from the rest, just a little bit.
Beans and her sister Winnie were born with Spina Bifida, a condition that affects the development and proper formation of the spine. You can read more about it below, but basically, it is inoperable, it causes Beans both bowel and bladder incontinence (she has zero control over either, although she holds more urine that I can express as she gets older and drips less, which is good) and   she will wear diapers for the rest of her life, and will likely have chronic bladder infections, especially this first year. She also has grade 4 luxating patellas (basically defective kneecaps) in her rear legs which causes her gait to be funny looking, but she is not a good candidate for surgery. Many bulldogs are a grade 1 or 2 due to their build, so hers is considered severe, but there is no pain at this time. This will eventually become arthritic, but single level living and joint supplements can help prolong her pain free status. She CAN do stairs, but she will be 30-45 pounds when she is fully grown, so carrying her up and down multiple times a day when she is older probably isn't ideal.

When I look at this sweet and serious face, I don't see a victim, and I don't see a cripple. I see this intuitive, sensitive, happy puppy who senses peoples and animals emotions. She IS love, and she can't stand to see anyone else upset. 
Beans is a quiet girl, and while she definitely likes to play and be silly, she would much rather be looking deep into your eyes, and being right by you. She loves playing with my cat, and she LOVES sniffing around outside. She is great with dogs, and loves to snuggle with other dogs, and run around and play. She loves chewing bones, playing peekaboo with the cat, going for car rides, and meeting new people. Everyone is a friend (and has a hand that can give pets!). 
Because of her back, a home without small kids, and where she can be the 'baby' and the pride and joy of the home is preferred, though she LOVES kids and plays very gently with them. A home with very well behaved and respectful children will be considered under the right circumstances.
All i can promise is that however long and mobile her life may be, she will love you like no animal ever has. She will be your companion, friend, comfort. She will love everyone she meets, and make them feel good, because that is the magic she has.

Any prospective home understands that she will have ongoing medical needs, and therefore costs. Insurance  would be a good idea. I would love to see a home that would commit to having her see Dr Winsor at Inver Grove for his expertise in the breed, and also his understanding and commitment to her condition, but this isn't a deal breaker. 
ONLY A LOCAL HOME (twin cities metro, or reasonably close to the metro) will be considered for adoption, thank you for understanding this due to her medical condition.

I have Spina Bifida, you can learn more here: