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Skye D170198

Catahoula Leopard Dog (short coat) / Female / Adult

Details about Skye D170198

  • ID D170198
  • Adopted for Adoption
  • Dog
  • Merle
  • Coatlength: Short
  • Activity Level: Moderate
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Adults: All
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

More about Skye D170198

  • Energy Level: Moderate
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Name: Skye 
Age: DOB approx. 1/31/16
Gender: Female 
Breed: Catahoula x
Weight: 45 
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Unknown
Kid friendly: Yes, older only due to size and rambunctiousness! 
House trained: Yes 
Crate trained: Yes
Energy level: Moderate
History: Rescue Release 
Adoption Fee: $350.00

From the Foster: 

Skye is such an amazing girl.  She’s been with me for a while and I can truly say she will make a great addition for the right family.  She loves playing with other dogs and would love to be in a home with another dog to play play play with!   However, since she is so into playing with doggies, she sometimes tries to play with people in the same manner which translates into being a bit mouthy. We are currently working on this, but since it’s so natural for her, even though she loves kids, she would probably do best living with older ones that won’t be offended by this play style and that can also work with her on it!

Speaking of people and friends, Skye loves her people, but it takes her a little time to warm up to strangers.  At home, she is a love bug and thoroughly enjoys cuddling (which usually involves sitting on you) and giving you kisses but she doesn’t love strangers approaching her say, on a walk or out and about.  She isn't awful about it but can get barky and nippy if people come too close to quickly for comfort.

Even though Skye isn’t a puppy in age, she still can be in behavior ;)  She will excel with an active family that is interested in play dates, dog parks, hikes, runs, walks, etc.  and that wants to keep on the “training train” with her!  She will be a great dog inside and a fun friend for you but will definitely be on her best behavior if she also gets a lot of activity.  Catahoula's are very smart, and active dogs and Skye embodies both of those traits perfectly.

Back to her not being a puppy but still acting like one?!?  She loves to learn and is a great girl, but will need someone that is able to be firm with her and make sure she doesn’t try to bend the rules and get away with bad habits.  She can be jumpy, or counter surf, or try to push her boundaries by say…  Not listening when you tell her come J  Her mouthy behavior also gets worse if she thinks someone isn’t going to tell her no.  She’s got a stubborn streak in her but if you’re consistent and positive with her, she will be the same back. 

I kennel her in the car and she does very well. Skye loves her crate and sees it as her safe space. She does not whine in it anymore and goes in willingly when you tap on the top. At night she either sleeps with me or on a dog bed in my room. She can also sleep in her crate.

Because she can be a little slow to warm up to people, her meet and greet style doesn’t show her true colors.  I promise once she knows you are her family she will love you and protect you with all her heart like she does with me, but she will be a girl you need to see past her initial walls and look for what a good girl she will be.  She is definitely worth it!