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Oliver *Diabetic* D161352

Irish Wolfhound / Mixed (medium coat) / Male / Young

Details about Oliver *Diabetic* D161352

  • ID D161352
  • Adopted for Adoption
  • Dog
  • Black with White
  • Coatlength: Medium
  • Good with Dogs: Yes
  • Good with Cats: Yes
  • Good with Adults: All
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

More about Oliver *Diabetic* D161352

  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only

Name: Oliver
Age: Approximate DOB 2/27/16
Gender: Male
Breed: Irish Wolfhound mix
Weight: 45 pounds
Dog friendly: Yes
Cat friendly: Yes
Kid friendly: Yes
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Energy level: Puppy
History: Surrendered to MO shelter with Diabetes 
Adoption Fee: $450

From the Foster:

Oliver, thanks to Secondhand Hounds just had cataract removal surgery in both of his eyes. My daughter always told everyone when they came over that Oliver had broken eyes, so when we were at the eye clinic she asked Dr. Olivero if he could fix Oliver’s broken eyes, and she was very delighted when he said that he could! Luckily for Oliver because of SHH he went to see Dr. Olivero, and he was a perfect candidate for cataract removal surgery. Because of this surgery Oliver gained up to 90% of his vision back, that's a lot better than seeing only lightness and darkness! Now just about month post surgery he is doing great, and is ready to find his forever family! 

Oliver is a special little dude. He loves to play and wrestle with my resident dog, Floki. He absolutely loves his dog toys! He’s also great about snuggling up on the couch or in front of the fireplace. After a slow intro to new dogs he does great, he’s had his fair share of socialization at my house, and by coming to work with me everyday. He LOVES car rides, and has to sit shotgun. His favorite time of the day is for sure meal time, and he takes his insulin shots like a champ! (He’s diabetic). He crates perfectly, when he gets sleepy, he finds his way into his crate on his own. He listens extremely well, comes when called, stops when I say no, although he can be a troublemaker with Floki, getting into the kids toys and having a tug fest. He’s a funny little guy, always cheerful and ready to play. He totally deserves to find the best family and fit for him. He may need a little extra care being that he is diabetic, but I promise it is worth it! Fill out an application for Oliver and I will be happy to fill in any questions regarding him or his diabetes.

Rules for Oliver as far as dietary restrictions go. He needs to eat twice a day, approximately 12 hours apart. He gets his insulin directly following meal time, so it’s important for him to be a routine eating schedule. He cannot get insulin without getting a meal first. He doesn’t necessarily need a special type of food, more important that he eats at the right time. He would not be a dog that can be free fed (having a bowl of food out all day). He can have water at all times. He can have treats occasionally, just not too many. They do have diabetic dog treats available as well. 


The cost of his medication is primarily his insulin. I get his insulin and syringes at Walmart (considerably less expensive then other options) for approximately $64.00, and it lasts about 2 months. Obviously the price can fluctuate and if you price shop you might find some other options. Also this could change depending on what Veterinarian  you go to. Oliver’s current veterinarian likes this specific type of insulin, and that could change possibly change depending on your veterinarian. As long as Oliver is regulated and you are not seeing any symptoms (excess thirst and urination, skin infection/urinary tract infection) he should not need to see the veterinarian more often than once a year for his annual exam, and blood work, which would include a fructosamine check (special bloodwork). If you are considering adopting Oliver you will need to set up an exam with your veterinarian right away so they can take over care of Oliver, and they will go over in detail everything you need to look for. At this point Oliver is also on some eye drops being that he had surgery just a month ago, that is still to be determined if he will need eye drops daily long term. At this point he is healing great!