Our Team

Our staff works hard to support our animals, fosters, volunteers and community.  Click on each person to learn more about what they do!


Rachel Mairose

Executive Director & Founder

Claire Hutcheson

Operations Director

Tashina Schumacher

Chief People Officer

Animal Advocacy Team

Anitra Francis

Small Breeds Coordinator

Summer Hedlund

Large Breeds Coordinator

Jen Swanson

Cat Program Coordinator

Rachel Baglien

Owner Surrender Administrator

Amy Vannurden

Injury & Illness Triage Coordinator

Kelli Tomasino

Dog Training Coordinator Lead

Internal Operations Team

Jenny Kisner

Office Administrator

Emily Hawk

Dog Adoption Coordinator

Jenn Sharkey

Cat Adoption Coordinator

Cassie Satele

Administrative Support Specialist

Beth Citurs

Volunteer Administrator

Jenn Sharkey

Foster Administrator

Brittney Garwood

Gift Communications Administrator

Erica Christo

Operations Analyst

Andrea Gall

Intake Volunteer Coordinator

Carrie Openshaw

Volunteer Training Coordinator

Events Team

Sarah Condon

Events Manager

Celeste Burau

Merchandise Coordinator

Programs Team

Kate Sobraske

Hope Program Coordinator

Coming Soon!

International Program Manager

Eileen Hill

Hospice Program Coordinator

Alison Seacord

Outreach Program Lead

Megan Pavot

TNR Program Lead

Teri Woolard

Neonatal Program Lead

Summer Hedlund

Paw Scouts Program Lead

Alyssa Daake

Lost Dogs Coordinator

Veterinary Clinic Team

Tanya Schulte, DVM

Lead Veterinarian

Matt Kamrath, DVM

Lead Veterinarian

Maggie Libman

Lead Veterinary Technician

Abbey Dockendorf

Veterinary Technician

Brenda Simek

Veterinary Technician

Jen Swanson

Veterinary Assistant

Brianna Leibnitz

Veterinary Assistant

Gabby Gil

Veterinary Assistant

Board of Directors

Chris Clark, Chair
Kathleen Hesseltine, Vice Chair
Jason Oswald, Treasurer
Tracy Call
Mike Dockter
Nicci Johnson
Andrea Lahouze
Mike Strommen
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