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puppy party



Secondhand Hounds is now offering puppy parties! We believe that any animal lover, from 1 to 100, should be able to be surrounded by puppies on their birthday! Secondhand Hounds will bring 3+ puppies to your home for 90 minutes of your party. 1-2 trained volunteers will chaperone the puppies to make sure it is a fun, safe environment for the puppies and people alike! We will clean up their messes and keep them in the area of your choice all while you get to enjoy some wonderful puppy cuddle time!

Check out this video from a recent puppy party with the Jennings family:

Cost: $300 donation to Secondhand Hounds

Where: An area in your house/party location that is safe for the puppies to play in and OK for them to have accidents in (they are puppies after all!)

When: Anytime (based on availability) but you must schedule at least 6 weeks in advance

Who: Anyone! Kids have a great time with these parties, but we will only allow 3 children under 12 in with the puppies at a time. We don’t want to overwhelm the puppies! Shifts seem to work great for these parties!

Why? Spreading awareness about puppies in rescue, socializing puppies, donating to a great cause, all while having great fun with puppies!! What could be better??

Check out our recent story about a puppy party at a wedding!  Couple pose with puppies over peonies at wedding

Please go here to submit a puppy party request!